Why is it possible to drive a nail into a piece of wood with a hammer, but it is not possible to push a nail in by hand?

The area of our hand is larger than the area of the head of a hammer. So, a nail goes into a piece of wood when hammered. The mass of the hammer is also a factor.


As a hammer exerts more pressure in comparasion of our hand
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It is so bcoz the effect of force depends on the area of the object on which it acts.
not exactly. Our hand exerts a comparitively linear force. Because of this, the pressure exerted on the nail is not that great.
Also, a hammer has a grater mass and it transfers all its kinectic energy to the nail witin a millisecond or so. The same principle is applied in karate chops. (f = ma, they increase the force by using all their mass and keep the chop as quick as possible.)