Objects are very useful in our day -to-day life activities .

Without them we cannot do any of our duties.

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The word object  has many meanings.  In English it is the noun related to a verb.

In physics, and sciences, an object is an amount of matter which is usually solid, unless otherwise specified.

An object is visible, can be smelt, has a color , has a shape (fixed or variable), has some volume, has some mass or weight etc.

We can shape materials or substance available in nature into objects that are used by us.

An object is some thing that we can make use of for our purpose.  We make objects so that we can use them again and again to achieve same things.  Many objects do not change their properties over time.  That gives us assurance that we can reuse them for the same purpose.

Examples are :  glass, cup , spoon, pen, paper , stone, mirror, horlicks, sugar

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