Agriculture is the most common practice carried out by most of the people in india.
Before the industrialization took place agriculture was the only occupation of the people.
Agriculture is the backbone of India. We get food to eat by agriculture we get cloth from agriculture. People get occupation because of agriculture.Agriculture provides raw material for industries. Agriculture makes that particular soil fertile.
 Agriculture allowed for us to settle down, build homes, and focus our attention on things other than finding food and staying warm. In that sense agriculture has shaped our history and brought us to where we are today. 
Our economy has been changed by agriculture & supplies 
millions of jobs now a days.
significance of agriculture :-
 - it prevents life and makes permanent life from destruction by many procedures.
 - it develops kinship that is utilised as working agent and force of the agriculture .
 - it provides basic foundations of secondary and tertiary sectors and acts as first period and state  of civilisation of life and supports our life process .