Introduction: The word itself is a vast manifestation of a body of laws and orders - a set of rules and ways, both known by man and unknown. Every creature of earth is governed by a set of rules natural to them. Adherence to these rules make them viable in relation to the totality of nature. Thus, man also is and should be governed by some specific rules to live a better and formal life. Adherence to such essential rules and practices are, in a a word, called 'discipline'.

Necessity: No single man is autonomous and independent in the extreme sense. Man has to live in the society, react to the environment, and grow up in the mix of influences coming from various sides. So, he has to abide by some accepted rules and principles; he has to adjust himself to the changing and growing pattern of the environment and society. Thatswhy, man needs to maintain discipline.

Value: Discipline is necessary at school, at public meetings, in the daily life, and in every sphere of the life. Where there is some activity, there is also some discipline. It ensures regularity, punctuality and systematicality of work.

If it was not for discipline, soldiers would not be trained, children would not brought up properly. Discipline is also necessary at the play-ground, where players cannot do whatever they like to win over the rival party; rather, they have to obey some rules. Discipline is needed for maintaining neighbourly and social relationships. It is needed in the workplace, mills, factories, farms.... in fact, everywhere. 

Conclusion: Without discipline, the modern world would not exist. The more are we being modernized, the more necessity is arising for discipline. So, we should all consciously understand the fact.