Hunger, like most of Nasira Sharma's works, is set against the background of the Iranian Revolution of 1979. The story describes a day in the life of Rizwan, an educated, young man who is in the search of a suitable job.
The plot of the story will help you:
Description of a crowded market place-->Rizwan's interview with Kasim, a rag seller--->kasim's indifference to politics--->Extreme proverty in the rag-seller's family--->Kasim leaves for work--->Rizwan's own problems at home--->Rizwan goes to the newpaper office--->Hungry Rizwan walks bacjk home--->He hopes tp succeed one day.
The central idea running through the story is the problem of hunger.The worst consequence of unemployment is proverty and the deaths due to hunger and starvation. Rizwan, the main character of the story is an educated youth. His household is marked by problems due to proverty.kasim, the rag-seller belongs to a proverty-stricken household.
The themes of this story are: Hunger and Socio-Economic Inequality.

hope it helpss :)
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