1. Why do you think the dead were buried with burial goods?
2. Which according to you was a greater revolution - early humans becoming food-producers or early humans taming animals or early humans making pottery? Give reasons to justify your answer.
3. The hymns in the RIG VEDA are composed in praise of gods of nature Indra and Varuna. Why is it so?
4. Sabha was an assembly of the elders and was not meant for all. Why do you think sabha was made into an exclusive body?
5. Pottery is one of the most common finds on an excavation site. Why?
6. Why do you think rulers in ancient times recorded their victories on hard surfaces like rocks and pillars?



Early humans producing food is greater than anything. life is nothing without taste and food. they bury with burial gods because people believe that, their soul will rest in peace. pottery is most common in excavation site because excavation sites are mostly historical and in historical places old traditions are there. pottery is an old tradition. they didn't have papers in ancient times, they want to spread their pride and glory, so they wrote on walls and stones
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