Please provide comprehension story for below details.

Picture comprehension. Use below words from the box and make a story.
Note: Picture contains Coconut tree, 2 monkeys, elephant, ball and bird

1. Coconut
2. Truck
3. Juggle
4. happy
5. tumble
6. catch
7. jungle
8. beautiful
9. together
10. games



Once there was a coconut tree on a half-barren island. 4 friends which included  2 monkeys, elephant, and a beautiful bird.the monkeys were toying with a ball while they juggled it in turns to play one their weird games. they were continous travelling for past 4 days. eventually, they approached the coconut tree. the were extremely happy and  were instantly feeling the urge to have a short meal. so they individually set off towards the trees exept for the monkeys. the monkeys brought a truck from the jungle which they had won as a prize by accidently killing its owner. and the elephant spontaneously crashed towards the tree so that the coconuts would tumble down. and the tree.and the bird tried to tumble it with its beak. but none of these tricks helped any of them. the truck was not high enough to tumble the coconuts, the elephant got injured during the process and the bird didnt had any strength to even budge it. so they debated and reached to the conclusion that they should work together. the elephant got over teh truck and one of the monkeys got on top over his head. then he plucked the coconuts with much strength and the other monkey catched and kept them on the ground. and the bird made holes in the coconut so that they all could drink from it. so in the end everyone were happy.
Once there were two mokeys who loved to jump on coconut trees.they best friends. the jungle is very beautiful full of flowers and coconut trees.the monkeys play games, tumble around the jungle and pass there day this way.