It is the process in which an opposite charge is induced on the nearer end and a similar charge  on the farther end of an uncharged conductor,in presence of a charged body nearby it.thus in eletrostatic induction,no charge is lost or gained by the charged body but separation of charges takes pplace

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the formation of electricity in the distinction of electro magnetism is called as electromagnetic induction actually it is a technique and a system of producing electricity due to comparative motion , in this method induce current is an electric current generated when a straight and aligned wire is moving in a magnetic field or a magnet is moving inside a coil  this procedure can be done in two different processes i.e. when a wire is displacing in a magnetic field of a mighty effective horse shoe magnet and in another case formation of electricity when a mighty effecting magnet is moving inside the coil , the direction of electric current induced in a wire is transformed by exchanging the direction of motion of the wire or a magnet in this whole process we use fleming's right hand rule for pick up the direction of induced in a coil moving in magnetic field  .