Travel and tourism is a worldwide phenomenon and is still growing rapidly. In our country over 6.24 million foreigners visited India in 2014 and domestic tourists visiting the union territories were almost 1,000 million in 2012. States like Sikkim, Chennai, Delhi, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and agra are the most common tourist attraction including for both domestic and foreign travelers. The Indian ministry of tourism is putting its whole heartened effort to satisfy and make the experience of these travelers much better the ministry also takes care of the incredible India campaign.
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note:while speaking please try to be confident  and only speak the main points and u should not act as if u have byharted it should be like its ur own
                                                  travel and tourism

goodmorning every one i am  xxxxxx from i would like to speak something on travel and each and every person  in the society is facing some problem due to their works...
to make themselves stress free what they opt is travelling to various places..........and for them we need to organise various things at various placesssss..and this thing needs a separate organisation/...
and travelling has also help us so much that we are developing and employing ourselves and other people.

and if u want to speak something else...plzzz ask me again


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