Can someone please answer these:

Define heat. What are its sources?
How does the formation of heat take place?
How can be produced as a result of friction?
What are the various possible changes when heat is applied to a
given object?
What are the various sources from which we get heat?
Matter increases in volume when there is an increase in
temperature. What is this property known as?
Write any two uses of Expansion.
What do you understand by temperature of a given object? How
can we measure the temperature of a given body?
What are the various scale in which the temperature of a given
object can be measured? Write the range of the various scales of
What is an absolute zero temperature?
What will happen if there is no kink provided in a clinical
Write any two differences between a clinical and laboratory
How can you prove that
hot and cold are relative terms?

Why are cooking utensils
made up of metals?

Explain the process of convection with help of an activity?



 The motion of atoms and molecules creates a form of energy called heat or thermal energy which is present in all matter. Even in the coldest voids of space, matter still has a very small but still measurable amount of heat energy.
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Heat is shortly kinetic has many sources like sun , gas,etc.. the thirds ones example is matchstick when we rub matchstick on the box then it is friction and heat is also formed.... the possible changes when heat is applied are either positive or negative for can burn or if iron has been heated then it is a positive change.... no there is no property that matter increase when temperature increases. expansion is mostly used when the tyre puncture is done they expand the cloth of the required material... we can measure the temperature of body by different body temperature by thermometer ... absolute zero temperature means either negative or positive and cold can be related as same as they have either negative or positive temperature [ my own idea] .... cooking utensils are made up of  metals coz metals have different properties to face with heat .....
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