23rd July,2015,
Dear *****,
       I am pink in health and hope the same with you.I am happy to know that you are topper of the school.In this letter, Iwould like to write about the pattern of CCE.
       I got to that the CCE pattern is more difficult. CCE means continuous comprehensive evaluation. But it is much useful to us. It improves our creative writing and make us to write any answer to any question in our manner. It is taken because for make every children to think like an 20 years experienced man.It helps the student to express any sentence in correct manner.Thus it also make change our living and make us to know any thing and it also make a student into a man with good values and certain preference to us. So, it is much useful to every student.Reply me soon.
   Convey my regards to your parents and elders.
                                                                                      Yours Faithful Friend,
                                                                                           10th class.
HNO: 24-54,
Beside appolo hospital,
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