Did you mean rakshabandhan? THEN TAKE THE BELOW ANS......
The name of rakshabandhan suggest "a bond of protection".on this day brother's make a promise to their sisters that "they will protect their sister's from all sort of problems" and their sisters will pray to Gods to protect their brothers from evil.on this occasional day sisterstie a silk thread on brothers wrist called rakhi.
As rakshabandhan is also a word of history,where everyone would belive in the bond of brother and sisterand also the belive of the present scenario, this occasion includes life-time pledge, moral, spiritual and cultural values. the valuesand sentiments of this festival is worth.Atleast at this ritual of rakhi tying, brothers and sisters meet together and try to bring oneness of the family.WHICH IS AN EMOTIONAL BOND OF LOVE.   
On rakshabandhan brothers are doing a promise to their sisters that he will always protect her and girls pray to god to keep their brother out of any danger.
we celebrate rakshabandhan to make the relation more strong between brothers and sisters. it gives us acreage to doing something with that think that my brother is with me or my sister is with me.