I can call the present system of education as pressure on the student,the talent of the student is not recognised but his marks are representing him,this is what i am experiencing right now. i wanted to recall the great lines of albert einstein that a single sheet of paper cannot decide our future, that is what i belive in how can a single blundered sheet decide what i am going to be. 

this is not a simple thing going on each and every student should understand what is he going to colleges they divide sections according to marks.the worst thing is that lecturers remember the students with their marks.students dont understand this easily.lecturers dont even understand the pain of a student who is poor in academics and good in some topics of academics itself. everything that they want is marks marks marks...... what is marks gng to fetch them it is rather gng to give them a few hours of happiness. if marks is the only thing that any one wants to see it students even try to malpractise in the exam.then that is definetly going to fetch marks. can that student be called as a topper?

that is not just for a few people it is for everyone that i question can that student be called as a topper?
can he prosper?
what is he going to end up with?
just each and every one think of that what was a student and what is a student.
even apj abdul kalam said that the best brains of the nation will be found in the last benches of the class room.

this is sushanth vinjay and that was my story also.
thanks friend
My pleasure
hii sushant