I went station then i go then next station come then i leaveĀ 
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a journey by train is a pleasant experience for all of us. I can never forget the travel to Lucknow last summer vacation. I boarded the train along with my parents and younger brother. soon the journey began, and the train was moving quite fast. the first thing that impressed me more the beauty of the landscape outside. there were Green Valley and tropical plants everywhere. I also came across rubber plantation and some vegetables Gardens. it was early morning and I saw everything bathed in the dim light of the drawn. the air was fresh and the mistcovered plants swayed in the gentle breeze. different kinds of birds chirping and flying here and there. A bullock cart loaded with earthen pots passed by. some children greeted us by waving anxiously from their houses. The train passed among the lush green fields, valleys, hills and forests. The disant trees seemed to move in the opposite direction. The glow of the rising sun was warm and pleasant. We could see the farmers had begun ploughing their fields, there were jute and sugarcane plants too. We also came across tall factory chimneys which emitted smoke. On the whole, i enjoyed the journey and it was a memorable one.