A parrot is a beautiful bird.It is lovely to look at.It has a red beak n green feathers.Round the newk of the parrots there r round rings.they really look very attractive n beautiful.Parrots are found in warm countries but never found in cold countries as they can't withstand the cold.It builds nests on trees and live lays eggs twice a year.A parrot eats leaves,fruits,Nuts mangoes etc..It loves to eat boiled rice.Sometimes parrots enter Cornfields or poppy fields in large number.They can fly very fast.they often fly in flocks.They eat food in a peculiar way.they their their food with their legs and they eat.They live to a good old age.We can teach it how to can be easily loved and tamed by humans.But I wonder y are they in cages....they have the right to I wish all the parrots are flying in the air with their naughty and sweet sounds which r pleasing to hear....!!!!