Elmo told Mr B that he was selling hot choclate on the sidewalk and asked if he wanted him to bring one for him. Mr b replied that it sounded great. Elmo told Mr b that it would be just 1 doller when he came back. (I cant undrstnd the next part) A boy asked mother whether he could ask her smthng. Hi Mother replied in positive . He tod her that he wasn not sure of her answer. His mother nicely repled that he should n9ot worry and also said that if it was smtng reasonable she wd try her best to help him. The boy askd her if he could get a mowhawk.His mother bluntly replied no. A customer asked how much it would cost to get a cool website. The person on the other side answered that he wanted to know more about his idea and the features. The customer replied that he would send any information anly when he agreed at a fair price.
Sorry its mixed and also I couldnt ans the 3 rd one, plz sort it out, if u do that, it would be helpful for u, sorry again