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                                          "Digital   India "
From 1st to 7th of July , we are having " Digital week" in India. Digital India is a project undertaken by the  government of India , which aims to transform India into a digitally empowered and knowledgeable state. 
Digital India is actually a project interwoven among the various departments of the government - Education , Agriculture , IT etc.

Headed and proposed by the ' Communications and Information technology ' ministry, the Digital India project surely promises bright returns.Once D I ( Digital India ) is properly implemented, it'll be a golden transformation for India. 
Initial plans of the government state that the D I project will be connecting 250,000 villages , suburbs etc with high speed internet connection. 
The "Bharat Broadband Network Limited" ( BBNL) will be playing a crucial role in this. 
Digitalisation of data will make things much more efficient and fast, paper work will rapidly decline as well. Also the ties between the government, private sectors and the public will get way stronger this way.
With a huge number of villages connected via internet, our villages  will undergo a huge change from so called backward regions to digitally equiped areas. Whereas the already high- tech towns and cities will get even more tech savvy.

Scheduled to be completed by 2019. many of the leading companies have already invested heavily in this mission. Ambani has recently declared that reliance will invest 2.5 lac crore in DI.

Following stand as Digital India programme's most important and primary objectives-
 i) Broadband Highways
ii) Universal Access to mobile phones
iii) Public's Internet Access Programme
e-Governance – Reforming government through Technology
v) e-Kranti – Electronic delivery of services
vi) Information for All
vii) Electronics Manufacturing – Target NET ZERO Imports
viii) IT for Jobs
ix) Early Harvest Programmes.
Every single Indian is looking forward to this mission. 
However  some other issues need to be resolved before the D I can be executed.
 Lack of legal framework, absence of privacy and data protection laws, civil liberties abuse possibilities, lack of parliamentary oversight for e-surveillance in India, insecure Indian cyberspace, etc can be  major hurdles in the path to  Digital India. These shortcomings need to be solved before hand.

Till November,2015 Digital India project will be progress mode, after that , very soon we'll be living in a Digital India of our dreams.