Malnutrition means faulty nutrition. The lack of one or more nutrients from 
the regular diet or takibg food with poor quality of nutrients is called malnutrition. Proverty, shortage of food and rigid food habbits, faulty food distribution, faulty cooking methods, poor knowledge of balance diet and overpopulation are the main causes of malnutrition.
Effects of malnutrition can be seen in the individuals of all age groups, but they are more severe in developing children.The symptoms are:
. poor intelligence.
. Stunted growth.
. Poor muscle development.
. dry and craking skin.
. low working capacity.

Protein-energy malnutrition: marasmus, Kwashiorkor.

Mineral malnutrition: anaemia, goitre, rickets, osteomalacia.

Vitamin malnutrition: night blindness, beri-beri, glossitis, pellagra, pernicious anaemis, diarrhoea, scurvy.

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