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Agriculture evolved from a family way of life to a family business for successful farmers and is now in transition toward becoming a corporate business activity. Productivity has always been the measure of a successful farm operation. This report examines current trands in agricultural practice that lead to higher productivity and the implications of those trends for the use of electricity in agriculture. Major current trends are in irrigation (even in naturally watered areas), in the use of pressurized systems for distributing irrigation water, and in no-tillage cropping and its related substitution of agricultural chemicals for machine operation in the field. The forces that led to the increase in the fraction of primary energy provided as electricity in agriculture (to its current level of about 22 percent) seem likely to persist well into the future. Manufacturing sectors peripheral to agriculture - farm machinery, petroleum refining, agricultural chemicals, food processing - also exhibit an increasing use of electric technology, thus signifying a growing importance for electricity in the activities affecting food supply.

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Major role play by the electricity in changing faces of villages in agriculture activities likes
Now in this time numbers of labour is less in the comparision of past 10 to 15 years because the labour cost in village did not satisfied to the labour. Thus ,They left their job and go to the city for earning more money to manage or satisfied the household expensess. Then , landlord losses regularly in agriculture so , they bought valuable machinery for the agriculture production and fully dependent on Machinery and indirectly dependent on Electricity because Machines have need regularly electricity for production or working.

Thus , For the various purpose villagers use the electricity in agriculture activites and regularly modernise their Machines
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