It was sunday. It was last day of our grand parents to stay with us in Kolkata. The train time was 7:15am. They were about to leave at 6:50 am. We got ready and departed  to leave them at the railway station. 
But unfortunately we reached late :( we had to wait for the next train to delhi at 8 am. So, instead of standing we decided to sit in the waiting hall. It was looking that everyone were in a hurry. And everyone were waiting for the next train at 8 am.
 There was a group of students there going for their classes. We talked to them. We had a nice conversation. They showed great honour and love for my grandparents as well as my parents. It was 7:30 now.
We saw some vendors arranging their vegetables and fruits. They were getting ready for the local train at 7:50. And soon their train came.
We still had to wait some more minutes more. Some men came, it seemed that they were going to their office. Soon many men and women came of the same company. It was 7:57 now. The train was about to come. 
We went to the platform. The train soon came. We waved bye to our grandparents.

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