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Gandhi: Why did you introduce Nazism? Why don't you forget about the first World War and live in peace?
Hitler: I can forget the War. But how can I forget my insulted Nation of Germany, and the Treaty of Versailles that had drained my Nation in losses?
Gandhi: What has finished is finished. Now don't take it so serious. I am sorry that my Nation can't help you.
Hitler: Why can't you help me?
Gandhi: I think you've forgotten that my Nation is a British colony?
Hitler: No problem. I've promised Germany that I'll bring back the glory of Germany.
Gandhi: That's ok. But why are you killing the people of your own Nation. I herd that you have killed thousands of Germans who were physically disabled.
Hitler: Yeah, because they are a burden for the developing Nation of Germany.
Gandhi: I plead you to follow the path of Ahimsa.
Hitler: Huh! Who cares? At present, my aim is only building up my Nation. Who are you to question me?
Gandhi: What so ever, it was my duty to explain you. If you don't listen, I can't do anything. But Hitler my friend, Nazism is so cruel and................
Hitler: I ain't interested in any of your AHIMSA preachings, I am devoted to only building up my nation.
Gandhi: It's upto you. 
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