"True melody or real work can be done in a state of freedom only"----- The little bird in the story "Princess september"  represents an artist because of its creative abilities like that of a genius who has a better insight  and understanding  of the mysteries of life and nature and therefore, can compose an infinite variety of inspiring and melodious songs . The bird bows humbly in response to the appreciation that is showered on it. Thus, it reveals its courteous nature  that is natural for all artists. An artist's talents are fostered only in a state of complete freedom , therefore the bird is restless when  it is deprived of its freedom. Freedom is life. Without freedom it cannot eat cannot eat or sing  and it nearly dies  when it is set free once again by the princess. Besides, for an artist, his art is life. The nightangle says,"I cannot sing unless  I am free and if I don't sing, I die."
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