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(a) zinc is more electropositive than compared to copper therefore when zinc strip is dipped into copper  sulphate solution  it displaces copper from its solution and form zinc sulphate solution. it can also be writen as because zinc metal is more teactive than copper therfore it displayes coppe from its solution.
  CuSO4 + Zn ( 0) ------- ZnSO4 + Cu(0)
(b) Al+HCl gives AlCl3+hydrogen So aluminium chloride is formed as a result.
If silver METAL (Ag0) is added to a solution of CuSO4, nothing happens since silver is already reduced and it wants to stay that way..............
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(a) ZNSO4+CU are formed
(b) 2ALCL3+3H2 are formed
(c)Ag2SO4+Cu are formed