These three things are important in building a nation. If the people in a country don't have a good will then that country can't progress. It makes the people in the country more responsibile. Morality is also very important as a human is incomplete without it. Moral values sgape a person character and makes him a good human. The country will have less corruption of the people are morally strong
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Addiction is a complex disorder characterized by compulsive drug use and repeated use has one very key impact – it can alter the way the brain functions. There is a fine line between regular use and abuse. As per the National Household Survey (2004), among adult males about 21% are ‘current’ users of alcohol. Similar figures for cannabis and opiates were about 3% and 0.7% respectively. Between 17% and 26% of these current users were dependent users. In absolute numbers, it was projected in this report that there were about 10.5 million dependent alcohol users, about 2.3 million dependent cannabis users and about 500,000 opiate dependent users in the country. They constitute the current treatment load. In India, a wide gap exists between the need for de-addiction services and the services available at hand. The possible reasons include limited resources in terms of monetary funds, availability of limited number of treatment centres, poor bed strength to provide deaddiction services and lack of trained personnel. The health delivery system for drug dependence in India has come up only in recent years. The drug-dependent patients are managed in the Government de-addiction centres, psychiatry outpatient clinics as well as the in-patient services of government hospitals. Private hospitals and private practitioners are also involved in the provision of care to the drug dependent individuals. There are several non-governmental organizations (NGO) also that are active in the field of substance abuse treatment. These are voluntary organizations and usually non-profit making. These organizations receive funding from the government and international donor agencies. The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment is supporting more than 600 centres all over India. The study on “Evaluation and Monitoring of Deaddiction Centres” (2002) funded by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (India) and WHDO (India) showed that many of the de-addiction centres funded by the Ministry were either nonfunctioning or poorly functioning. It was also observed that the patient load in the treatment centres was very low and the treatment centres were not being adequately utilized. This was partly because no additional staff or funding was provided by the state government to enable the centres to function adequately. It was also because treatment seeking among drug users is low as has also been shown by the National Survey on Extent, Patterns and Trends of Drug Abuse (2004). This showed that only about 2% of alcohol users and 18% of opiate users had sought any kind of treatment in the past.
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