This vacation i visited my grandparents home which was in a village and i enjoyed the morning scene with my grandparents . the cold breeze , chirping of the birds, sound of the waves ,etc. the scenery in front of the is very beautiful which is the scene of the indian ocean ,the ferry boats arranged in a row. in the mrng its very dark but with the help of the birds chirping  , the sound of the waves we can find out the way very easily. in the mrng usually i go with my grandma to the church around 5:30 am . it will be very fresh in the mrng to take a walk in the cold climate while on the way to church. talking with my grandma while going to church is very nice. after reaching the church  we attend the mas and come back home. after coming back my first duty is ton wish my grandpa  a very good mrng .and then i have a warm  cup of coffee in front ofthe beautiful scene that is men going for fishing , pushing the boats downwards . after that i read the bible and go upstairs to wake up my family. after they have a bath they come down to have the breakfast then we all together have the breakfast. after having the breakfast we go out o play in the ocean as we all love to play there we only wet our legs . after that i will be playing with my brother in the verandah or studying . in the afternoon usually i will be watching tv or doing any recipe .usually when i am in my hometown i love eating fish in the afternoon .so my afternoon lunch will be fish. in the afternoon i will be either sleeping or watching tv. i will be enjoying there a lot. in the evening i will be getting variety of snacks with no other option i have to eat afterall my grandfather will be in front of me forcing me to eat . my experienc in my grandparents was the best experience in my life .

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