1. the citizens must be kind an helpful to all the foreigners.
2. the government should launch new initiatives and programmes to take absolute care of the tourits.
3. the government and the people should take steps to conserve the heritage places ind make them look more attractive.
4.India needs to enforce its traffic laws and reduce railway overcrowding so that visiting tourists will have an easier time traveling from place to place.
In addition to making India a more hospitable place to visit, the country needs to highlight the unique sights and offerings it has that are unavailable anywhere else. 
If India wants to encourage tourism, it needs to act to improve the quality of its air and water so Indians and tourists alike can breathe the air and drink the water freely.
While India is very modern when it comes to engineering, medicine and technology, its infrastructure and public services are antiquated or nonexistent.  India needs to improve its public services and foster basic hygiene if it wants to appeal to the foreign tourist. 
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The citizens must be kind, helpful and truthful
there should be proper maintainence............etc