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-: Script:-   Theme:-Juliette, The owner of a villa put her villa for sale as she needed money. There were a couple Jeanne and Mr. Gaston who came to see villa. Jeanne wants to buy the villa for her parents. But Gaston is very business-minded, very shrewd and he expresses his displeasure in making any investment on his wife’s family. In Short, He doesn’t want to buy villa. Mrs. A L Smith an arrogant actress is also interested in buying the villa as it is near Paramount studio where she is going to shoot some films.   Juliette: That was a month ago. But now there had too much time passed out. That time I hopped that I would get 250,000 easily and now no buddy is interested in purchasing villa..Oh I’m fed up with this place. Because nobody wants it. What time did those agency people say the lady would call? Maid: between four and five, Madame Juliette: Then we must wait for her. (The bell rings) Juliette: I am going upstairs for a moment. If that is the lady, tell her I will not be long. IT won’t do to give her the impression that I m waiting for her. Maid: Very Good, Madame. (Again bell rings Exit Juliette and maid runs off to open the front door.) (Jeanne and Mr. Gaston enter........) Maid: If you will be kind enough to sit down, I will tell Madame you are here.                                                                                    Jeanne: Thank you           (Exit Maid/Maid leaves) Mr. Gaston: I told you before we crossed the road that I didn't want it. As soon as you see a sign 'Villa for Sale', you have to go inside and be shown over it. Jeanne: But we are buying a villa, aren’t we? Jeanne: But we are buying a villa, aren't we?   Gaston: We are not. Jeanne: What do you mean: 'We are not'? Then we're not looking for a villa?   Gaston: Certainly not. It's just an idea you've had stuck in your mind. Gaston: You mean you've talked about nothing else. I've never talked about it. You see, you've talked about it so much that you thought that we are talking. If you say that you are looking for a villa, then that's different!   Jeanne:   whether I'm looking for it or we're looking for it, the one thing  That matters anyway is that I'm looking for it for us!  towards the door. At this moment Juliette enters.)  Juliette: Good afternoon, Madame... Monsieur.... Is your first impression a good one? Jeanne: Excellent. Juliette:  I can tell its advantages  by just looking at you that it would suit you admirably, as you suit it, if you will permit me to say so. The house possesses a great many advantages. Electricity, gas, water, telephone, and drainage. The bathroom is beautifully fitted and the roof was entirely repaired last year. Jeanne: Oh, that is very important, isn't it, darling? Juliette: Well, you see, I must admit, quite frankly, that I don't want to sell it any more. Gaston: (rising) Then there's nothing further to be said about it. Gaston: We I can give you sixty thousand francs. Juliette: May I tell you thing that I cannot give you villa under than two hundred thousand. Gaston: Oh! Well I am sorry Madame, I can give you only sixty thousand.... Juliette: It is impossible. Gaston: Good day, Madame. Jeanne: One minute, darling. Before you definitely decide, I would love you to go over the upper floor with me. Juliette: I will show it to you with the greatest pleasure. This way, Madame. This way, Monsieur. . . Gaston: No, thank you (Jeanne exit following Juliette) Gaston (to himself): Two hundred thousand for a few yards of land . . . She must think I'm crazy. . . . (The door bell rings and, a moment later, the MAID re-enters showing in Mrs Al Smith’s  Lawyer)   Maid: If Monsieur would be kind enough to come in. Gaston: Sit down for three of them anyway. To begin with, this villa was built by my grandfather... Mrs Al Smith’s Lawyer: I don't care a darn about your grandfather! Gaston: Neither do I. ... But I must tell you that... er... Mrs Al Smith’s Lawyer: Listen, just tell me the price. Gaston: Let me explain that... Mrs Al Smith’s Lawyer: No! Gaston: We have electricity, gas, telephone... Mrs Al Smith’s Lawyer: Listen, just tell me the price. Gaston: So I think three hundred thousand are fine for both of us (Immediately Lawyer hand over the cheque of 300000 francs to Gaston) (At that moment, JEANNE and JULIETTE return when Lawyer leaved villa)
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