ALLUVIAL SOIL: they r the widely spread soil in India. and very fertile in nature. it is made up of fine particles. its rich in minerals like potash and water holding capacity. divided int 2 old alluvial(bhangar) and new alluvial(khadar)
RED SOIL: they are red due to iron in dm. it doesent require much deficient in phodporus, lime, humus and nitrogen.
DESERT SOIL:very low water holding capacity. found in adjoining regions of gujarat and rajasthan.throny bushes like cactus is grown here.
MOUNTAIN SOIL: heterogeneous in nature. character changes with altitude and environment. rich in humus and phosporus. gd fr growing spices and tropical fruits.
BLACK SOIL:also called reguar soil. made up of clayey materials. found in daccan lava tract.poor in phosporic content. rich in calcium cabonate, magnesium carbonate, potash and lime.well known for capacity to hold moisture.
LATERITE SOIL: they are acidic in nature. lacks if irrigated some crops can b cultivated.