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SAMEER : oh hi Toseef , how are you? Toseef : I am fine. Thank you. So what is going on? Sameer : I am here to gather some information about water for my school project. Toseef oh I can help you as I have some information about it. Sameer : thank you so much. So what information do you have? Toseef : I explain yiu . actually as you know water is the most important and precious resource gifted by God to us and other creatures to live on this earth but now many acts of humen pollute much water. It seems that after some years the water will be almost finish. Sameer: oh my God! It means we have to conserve water for our next generation otherwise the existence of humen will be ruined. Toseef : right , but there are many causes responsible for polluting water such as pouring chemicals and other harmful wastes in the rivers, lakes. It destroys the purity of water and make it poisonous. The water creatures are killed by such wastes. To flow the garbage into the river is also a cause. Sameer: so how can we conserve such precious and scarce resource? Toseef: we can conserve water as : 1. To use water enough as we need. 2 not to keep open the tab of water when it is notvin use. 3 aware the people and children about the scarcity of water and introduce them how to save water. 4 the govt. Can perform a great role by restrict the factories to pollute the water. 5. If we use water multiplically it would be great step in save water. So by applying such acts and with these cautions we can save water easily. Sameer : thank you so much Toseef you have really helped me in my project. Your information is very useful I appreciate it. Thanks once again. Toseef: my pleasure friend. Thanks..
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