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Actually we the students can first join and go as for a rally to control river pollution.We can place boards in the public places about the ill effects of river pollution .We should make people realize about the importance of water and how much river is useful for civilization.
We can join together and request the local corporation to implement measures to control this problem.Moreover we should also be awared about why river pollution occurs.It is actually because of discharge of polluted water from industries and sewage from varies 
places.So finally we should try to invent or find a new way to discharge this polluted water.
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In addition, students can play their role as responsible citizen by reporting to authorities if they come across vehicles spewing out smoke on the roads or factories emitting smoke and hazardous chemicals into the atmosphere. Immediate action would stem this problem as there are many factories use the river as an outlet to channel their dangerous waste materials.Hence, each student has a role to play in reducing pollution. The latter is already contributing to global warming which threatens our existence in the not-too-distant future. The understanding of the dangers of pollution has to start at a young age and students especially are well poised to live a life that is pollution free as well as spread awareness on the importance of a safe future.
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