Helen remembers her journey to Baltimore pretty well. As a child , she found moving from place to place a very pleasant experience. She had made many friends on the way, a kind lady had presented her with a box of shells, which she later  strung together. The conductor too was kind to her, and let her play with his punch. 
All through the journey, Helen didn't have a single fit pf temper, the journey had amused her with numerous things to keep her mind and fingers busy. 

Another interesting incident in this journey was her encounter with the big towel doll made by her aunt.
The doll , as Helen describes it was most comical and shapeless. It didn't have any of the common features on its face. Among all its oddities , the one which disturbed her most, was that it had no eyes. 

She insisted that new eyes be given to the doll, and when no one seemed eager enough for the task. she herself pulled out two beads from her aunt's cape and asked them to be sewn. When the doll's eyes were done, Helen was over joyed with content.

How ever just as fast a child's mind runs, she immediately lost any further interest in the  big towel doll.
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