Spread of democracy in last 15 years under given topic you should evaluate the following points:
(a) reason for adopting democracy in countries like Libya, Egypt, Nepal, and Bhutan
(b) why did these countries delay in adopting democracy?
(c) how are these countries enriching their democracy?
(d) list some of the countries which are on the verge of democracy
(e)list some countries where democracy is not for me of governance. Also mention the type of these countries.

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1. because in a democratic country..a. The people are allowed to criticise the government.b. Workers are allowed to form independent trade union.c. Political, economic social equality is enjoyed by the people.

1)  Royal families ruled in Nepal, Bhutan while Egypt, Libya were under military rule which suppressed the people of their rights, and discriminated them on grounds of religion, caste, community, etc 
2)   On the wake of democracy, people felt that they were humiliated by their rulers and rose in protests against them. This made the rulers awaken and they tried to implement democratic ideals 

Because in democracy countries have by loss in dictatorship

Libya is one. 

Non-Democratic Governments 

The worlds non-democratic or significantly non-democratic nations are classified in the categories below. See also Oppressive Regimes. 

Monarchies With More Than Symbolic Power (Royal Dictatorships) 
Saudi Arabia 
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(a) In a democratic country 
i.People are allowed to criticize a government.
ii.Freedom of press is granted.
iii.Rulers are elected by the people.

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