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(I request that you select what you like from the following.  As far as I am concerned, I was influenced and was inspired a lot of things.)

                                   Inspiration - I was inspired by ...

   When I was a boy, I liked the life, living, playing and the goodness of the people around me.  I was treated nicely and with love by some near and dear.  But naturally, I was not liked by some.  

    I was inspired by many patriotic and artistic films and great performances.  I was inspired by the close relatives and friends around me.  I was interested in doing good, gaining fame, earning a lot of money and looking after my family and helping some friends, if I could.   I was inspired by the words of my parents and family members that I will become a big person one day and then I will need to help them all.  I was inspired a lot by their wish and their trust and belief in me.

    I was inspired by seeing, reading the works of and listening to many great achievers in India and in the world, like the inventors, big thinkers, singers, artists, professors, writers, sports persons, intelligent persons, and charming leaders with charismatic influence.  I did actually put in a lot of effort to emulate them and to become as good as them in that activity.

   I was inspired to help some disabled persons and some poor children, when I saw their difficulties directly in front of my eyes, to live their daily lives.  I did help some.

   Every morning I was inspired by the thought and hope that that day has some thing good in store for me.

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