Early Vedic Period- In the.early vedic period, family was the basic unit. There was no rigid caste system. Women enjoyed equal rights. The worship of nature and natural phenomenon also prevailed. Gods like Agni, Varun and Indra wore mostly worshiped.There was an absence of temples. Hymns were chanted in the open. Worship of fore-fathers and belief in life after death prevailed. The main occupation was the domestication of animals. Cattle was a good source of wealth to the people.
Later Vedic Period- Joint family system prevailed in the later vedic period. There was an important decline in the status of women. The caste system became rigid. The religion became more complex. new gods like brahma, vishnu, shiva etc. were worshiped. Brahmans introduced many rituals and there position became secure. faith in the superstitions increased. Trade had become very important. Besides occupation of earlier period,many new occupations like physicians, musicians and many other professions emerged.         

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