Family is not a group of people living together and sharing their joys and sorrows.we all feel secure and happy even in great problems only when we are with our family.our family gives us a special power which cannot be seen but can be felt.
we all have joys and hardships of life.joys cannot be increased untill shared and hardships cannot be lessened untill taken help and support.we have our family whose members are always there by our side in our good and also bad times.
joys and hardships need not be great ones but yet we need our family's support at every step of our life.
let me give some very common examples of joys(happiness) :
*sharing food and things.
*annoying small brothers and sisters.
*taking kisses from elders and many more.
well,hardships are what we need to accept to lead a better life.both happiness and sadness are very much important in our life.the last thing i would like to tell is,inspite of all these we all live united in a family.