Dressong mirrors, rear view mirrors in cars, spherical metal balls, metal bottles etc.
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Lid of a utensil, Spoon, stell knob of a door, dentist's mirror, wristwatches with a bulge in theor glasses.
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Some objects which resemble and do the function of concave and convex mirrors..

1.  Clean shining stainless steel (or metallic) curved hemispherical plates, cylindrical shaped utensils, jars, wases used for keeping flowers, or pickles.. Glasses and saucers used for drinking coffee , tea etc.
2.  Shining granite stone curved in spherical shape..
3.  The central circular part of a fan in the middle of 3 wings.. Its  surface is like a convex mirror.
4.  Inside the car head lights, there is an aluminum or some metallic parabolic shaped reflector.
5.  A doctor (dentist) uses a concave mirror  for viewing inside the mouth of a patient.
6.  A spherical pearl
7.  Shining metallic (or glass) ball  used for showcase/display purposes

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