Two hockey players of opposite teams, while trying to hit a hockey ball on the ground collide and immediately become entangled. One has a mass of 60 kg and was moving with a velocity of 5 ms-1 while the other has a mass 55 kg and was moving faster with a velocity of 6 ms-1 towards the first player. In which direction and with what velocity will they move after they become entangled? Assume that the frictional force acting between the feet of the two players and ground is negligible
ANSWER IS -0.26 m/s

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When the two players get entangled, it means that both move together after collision.  let their speed be v m/s.

we apply the law of conservation of momentum.
  60 kg * 5 m/s - 55 kg * 6 m/s = (60 + 55) kg * v
   v = - 30/115  m/sec.

So they will move together in the direction of  55 kg person with a velocity of 30/115 m/sec.

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