Q= mc (delta)t is the formula to calculate heat in thermodynamics, where- Q= heat of a substance ( joules), m=mass, c= heat capacity of substance, T= change in temperature of the substance, c= energy in joules. ........................
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Is it helpful............................
yes it does and I want a sum for example
You havent really provided many details as to how you want to set it up. 

Q = m*c*(delta T) 
Q = heat energy 
m = mass 
c = specific heat 
delta t = change in temperature (= final - initial temp) 

Remember, in a closed system, heat gained by one thing equals the heat lost by another. 

Heat is a form of energy, meausred in Joules (sometimes calories, but the official SI unit is Joules), 
Depending on the value you use for the specific heat, it is common to use grams or kilograms for the mass measurement. 
Again, depending on the value of the specific heat, most commonly, you'll use temperature in terms of degrees C (or perhaps K, a change of 1 degree C = change of 1 K).