The energy possesed by a body by virtue of its motion is known as kinetic energy.
the energy is possesed by a body only if it is in motion else the kinetic energy is 0(zero).
Kinetic Energy=1/2×mass ×(velocity of the body)²
In other words,for any body in motion is due to the force exerted on that body directly or indirectly.So if a body is in motion it is due to a force and that force brings up momentum in that body,and the momentum is due to energy possesed by it which is kinetic energy .For example : you pushed a ball to some distance by your hand, you applied some energy ,some energy is lost from your body i.e. it gets transfered from your body through  your  hand that energy is observed as the kinetic energy in the body which is in motion.Infact for all the phenomenon occuring in the universe is due to tranformation and transfer of energy from one body to another.hope u have understood .
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