Athmakatha means when someone writes about himself and his life story in a book
Look. Atmakatha is what you write about a thing or animal or bird. Suppose if you write atmakatha of a watch, so first of all you have to write about the look of watch suppose I write that I am a watch of sonata company with a golden belt, hands of a watch surrounded with precious american diamonds, a shining watch glass etc. I was made in a Brown's watch making company. Then you can write about your span of time you shifted place to another like you were made in that company then you were parcelled to a shop who sells watches then you were placed in the window where you can see the road and passer-by then you waited that when my chance comes when I will be fascinated by a person. you should write as if you have become watch by yourself. Tips for writing aatmakatha : 1) If you are trying first time to write aatmakatha then don't write fairly in your notes or anywhere, first write it and check by yourself. Still need some help you can comment me. 2) As said firstly, write like if you have become that particular thing or any bird or animal. 3) while writing aatmakatha things you should remember is that that thing should have starting pint like I posted in watch, then it should have some adventure, then it should have death. 4) write write and write. Writing only will make your aatmakatha perfect Still you need help comment me. I will always help you