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Education and skill are the major determinants of the earning of any individual in the market. Dueto gender discrimination, women are generally denied the education and the necessary skills to become worthy contributors to the national income. As a result, a majority of women have meagre education and low skill formation. This is one of the reasons why they get paid less than men. Also, the perpetuation of gender prejudices such as "a woman cannot do as much physical work as a man" put women at a disadvantage. Training and professional skill are also important factors. In many cases women get married and get busy in housework and thus they don't get professional training. So they are not employed in good jobs. There is also the factor of gender prejudice and they are considered physically weak compared to men. One more factor is housework. They are often forced to do housework and they have to bear the responsibility of a mother. So they cannot be as much dedicated in their work as their men counterparts. This situation can be resolved by sharing the housework.
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In the world women r trying to come up but the people r so unfair that they try to make something different between men and women
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