Sonia wanted to measure the length of her science note book . when she took a scale , she found that the end of the scale was worn out due to overuse
then if she starts measuring from 3 cm and the other end of the note book is at 14.8 cm,what would be the correct length of note book in mm?
write any three precautions that she should take while taking the measurement using a scale.



The scale reading shows = 14.8 cm
from 3 cm = 14.8cm
from 1 cm = 14.8-3 = 11.8cm
actual length is 11.8 cm

1. she would have to take the reading properly
2. the ends of the note book should not be folded
3. make sure that she is reading from 3cm
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First the measure of book in cm=14.8-3
measure in mm=14.8*10=148mm
Precautions: 1.she should place the scale correctlyover the object to be measured otherwise wrong reading may be obtained.
2.Her eye should be just vertically above the measurement.

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