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Bakasur was a demon (rakshasa) who ate people one by one. He was killed by Bhima.
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Bakasur was a rakshasa or demon who was killed by bhima. it lived near the city of chakranagari  and had forced the king of that place to send him a large amount of as food and he would also eat the people who carried the food .

After discussion with the Pandavas, it was decided that Bhima would go to Bakasura to save the family and people of Ekachakranagar. Hence, Bhima took the stead of a bait villager and went with supplies to Bakasura. When Bhima reached the forest, he found Bakasura. In order to irritate him, Bhima himself ate all the food. as expected bakasura got very very angry. A fierce battle erupted between the two and finally, Bhima killed Bakasura
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can i write in hindi
the pandavas were already warned by vidura bout it
"A weapon not made of steel or any other material element can be more than sharp to kill an enemy, and he who knows this is never killed."
"Fire cannot extinguish the soul but can annihilate the material body. But one who protects the soul lives".
"The conflagration that devastates a forest cannot hurt a rat which shelters itself in a hole or a porcupine which burrows in the earth. The wise man knows his bearings by looking at the stars."
These messages were meant to indicate to Yudhishthira and
only to yudhishtir
vidur ko duryodhan ke lakh ke ghar ke baare me pata tha toh usne yudhishthir ko uske bare me code language me btaya tha. jab pandava lakh ke ghar me gye to wahan pa ek karigar aaya jise vidur ne bheja tha .usne vidr aur yudhishtir ki baate suni thi aur wo pandavo ki madad krne aaya tha. karigar ne lakh ke ghar me surang bna di aur jab purochan ne aag lgai to sab bhag gye aur purochan mar gya.