Can someone solve the following questions:-
Q1)All acids contain
Q2)a-Gas released when acid reacts with metal (Carbon dioxide,Hydrogen)
b-gas turs lime water milky (Carbon dioxide,Hydrogen)
Q3)True or False
a-Sulpharic acid is a strong acid
b-Sodium chloride is a base
c-Litmus is a natural indecator
d-Water soluble bases are called alkalies
Q4)What is the difference between concentrated and dillute acid?
Q5)Why acid solutions are good conductors of electricity?
Q6)Write the properties of bases?
Q7)Write the colour change when HCI and NaOH is added to
a-Blue litmus
b-Red litmus
c-Methyl orange
Q8)write an activity to show that acids are good conductors of electricity?
Q9)Classify the following as organic and mineral acids?
a-Hydrochloric acid
b-Citric acid
c-Malic acid
d-Nitric acid
e-Oxalic acid
f-Sulphuric acid



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All acids contain Hydrogen. Oxy acids contain oxygen
Lime water in the presence of carbon dioxide turns into milky white in's true
A)true, Sulphuric acid is a strong acid.
B)true, NaCL(sodium chloride) is a base
dilute means adding water to acid.concentrated means pure
because acids contain H+ ions
they contain OH- ions. they are bad conductors of electricity
HCl :blue to red , red no change
NaOH :red to blue

by electrolisis of water we can prove that acids are good conductors of heat.
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