1) Adj of quality- that describe the quality of an object or person . Eg. red , pretty , ugly,sweet ,nice etc.
2) Adj of quantity - that indicate the quantity of an object- used for uncountable objects. Eg. some ,more ,few etc.
3) Adj of number- that indicate the number of an object or any living being.Eg. 3ppl ,10 balls ,40 students etc.
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adjective of quality
it shows the kind or quality of a person  . eg- good,bad,preety etc.
adjectives of quantity
shows how much a thing is meant . eg- some, much etc.
adjectives of number
shows how many things or person are there. eg- one, two, many etc.
 definite adjectives
which tell about the exact number eg- one two three etc.
indefinite adjectives
which do not tell about the exact number. eg- few, any etc.
distributive adjectives
which refer to each one to number as-
each, every etc.
interrogative adjectives
those which have a interrogation eg- whose, what etc.
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