Respected Principal Sir, worthy teachers, parents and all my dear friends. A very hearty good morning to one and all present over here.
Today I am going to deliver my speech on the topic Caring for Environment.
Friends we know that all our surroundings are part of our environment. To be hygienic, we all should care for our environment. Caring for the environment doesn't require you to become an environmental activist, but just to know more about your environment and make more Eco-conscious decisions. We can remain healthy and happy forever by just doing some little things like:
1.Planting trees
2.not littering the environment by scattering wastes.
3.Using fuel efficient engines for transport.
4.By taking care of everyone including friends and animals too
and many more.
So,Friends i think u have understood my motive of telling u these precious things. I hope u would definitely take care of your environment.