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Life is a game,
A game of chess,
If you make a wrong move,
Your winning chances are less.

Life is so precious,
Life is so beautiful,
Life is a real game,
So make winning your aim.

Think about the move before you make it,
Because you don’t want to suffer your whole life for it.
Make sure you achieve your aim,
Because then you can move on to your next game.

Think of the people, who are waiting for your success,
Cheering for you throughout the entire race.
You don’t want to disappoint them and make them frown.
So make sure that you win and don’t let them down.

Win the game and make people behind you feel proud,
For the support they gave you by sticking around.
Thank them for being there and supporting you throughout the game,
And be thankful that you have all these people to support you reach your aim.

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River,river,little river!
Bright you sparkle on your ways;
O'er the yellow pebbles dancing
Through the flower and foliage glancing,
Like a child at play
River, river! swelling river!
On you rush through rough and smooth;
Over rocks,by rose banks,sweeping
Like impetuous youth.
River,river!brimming river!
Broad and deep,and still as time;
Seeming still, yet still in motion,
Tending onwards to the ocean,
Just like mortal prime.
River, river!headlong river!
Down you dash into the sea,
Sea that line hath never sounded,
sea that hail never rounded,
Like eternity.