एक पहेली सुलझाओ...
Note dis point

सबको एक ही मोका.....

एक दुकान में 1 रुपये की 3 चॉकलेट मिलती है,
और चॉकलेट के तीनो कवर वापस देने पर वो 1 चॉकलेट फ्री देता है

तो बताओ कि 15 रुपये में कितनी चॉकलेट आयेगी




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45 chocolates from 15rs
15chocolates from the wrappers of those 45.
5chocolates from that of those 15.
1chocolate from those 5 and two wrappers left.
From that one chocolate, u get the wrapper and the two leftober wrappers from those 5 which means another one.
Therefore total chocolates=
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67 chocolates as first time u get 45 chocolates which means after returning wrapper u will get 15 chocolates it means if u return rapper u got 5 chocolate s and if u return 3 wrappers u get 1 chicolate and two wrapper are left.total three wrapper remain and u got 1 chocolate again.So total no. of chocolate