Itis true that time works wonder.Letus take the example of a student who is weak in studies and usually scores very less marks.However,when he devotes time and makes an effort, slowly he starts improving.Hegains confidence, and in a few months, is able to score well.Thustime works wonder and he feels happy.Also,time is great healer and takes us out from all problems.
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time is like a diamond
time is like a diamond
it can neither be wasted nor be saved
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It's well said that time is a wonder. No one can get the time back after it is lost. There is good and bad time in everyone's fortune. Like many people say that if your time is good then u will get progress. But I don't feel its completely true. It's all about how u use it. Like if u devote ur time in your studies, u will definitely score good marks. So understand the importance of time and use it properly in ur life and be happy forever...............  
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