Dear all, 
           today when I was playing in the play ground I kept my bag under the mango tree, a little far from our play ground. later when I went to grab my bag for my classes it was not there. Then I ran to the lost and found box in case some one thought that I forgot my bag under the mango tree but, my bag was not there either. I am worried I have all my books in it and a good amount of money. please, if this is a prank it is not cool, return my bag and if you see my bag anywhere, please return it. It is a hp jet black with blue piping in front. 
                                                                                         kind regards,
                                                                                          (your name)

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Subject:sports bag lost.
Yesterday after my games period  i went to class to bring my book then when i came back i haven't found my sports bag .It is blue in clour with my name written inside it .It contains  my sports dress,shoes ,sports equiments etc.. 
If any one found it plz return in record room 
Ur name.